While Loud 'n' Klear has lived for a few years, it's been in the last 18 Months that they've refocused and re-organized. Their current lineup consists of five experienced musicians: Dustin Showers on lead vocals; John Roscoe on lead guitar; Dave McNulty on bass and vocals; Jon Austin on drums; and Mike Butterfield on guitar. While their lineup is relatively new, most of the members have known each other in some capacity for the past two decades, whether through their kids' activities, jobs, or even previous bands: Roscoe and McNulty were both formerly with Shoots N' Ladders; Showers and Austin were with Tramcar Revolution.

Whatever the reason, they have become a well-oiled machine, with weekly rehearsals in a studio owned by Showers and plans to record a demo to shop around for bookings. While professional, they're also modest. "We don't try to pretend to do anything we can't do," explains Showers, adding, "We're real and we're approachable about it." Along with their reorganization, their music has also changed direction and landed squarely on the past, particularly the '90s.

"We're not playing the songs you hear every day," explains Showers, adding, "We're playing the songs you haven't heard in years." It's not unusual for audiences to join in and sing along to much-loved, and missed, acoustic versions of old favorites like "Lightening Crashes" by Live or "Better Man" by Pearl Jam. Other band favorites include "The One I Love" (REM), "Man in the Box" (Alice in Chains), "Daughter" (Pearl Jam), "Vasoline" (Stone Temple Pilots), and "My Hero" (Foo Fighters). As Butterfield says, "Our biggest compliment at the end of the night is our song selection."

Loud n Klear is:
Dave McNulty - Bass
Dustin Showers - Vocals
Mike Butterfield - Rhythm Guitar
Jon Austin - Drums
John Roscoe - Lead Guitar

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